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Labcorp Message (as of July 21, 4:00 p.m. ET)

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Vaccines and Immunology

Understanding immune response, dedicated vaccine lab, adjacent genomics and microbiology expertise.

Generating Insights into the Human Immune Response

Understanding the clinical context of human immune response is a mainstay of drug development for infectious disease, oncology or autoimmune disease. Immunology at Labcorp is distinguished by:

  • Serological Evaluation to Inform Inclusion/Exclusion Decisions
  • Analysis to Support Drug Dosing Decisions
  • Near Real-Time Understanding of Inflammatory Markers, Generating Insight about how a Therapeutic Candidate is Affecting a Patient

Cutting edge instruments, including auto analyzers, and manual, esoteric assays are conducted in a regulated environment to support primary, secondary and exploratory endpoints in clinical trials. The combination of skilled laboratory science and instrumentation with strict adherence to regulatory standards allows the most difficult or esoteric biomarkers to be tested, offering greater understanding of the immune response.

Comprehensive Support for Vaccines and Novel Immunotherapeutics

Vaccine and immunotherapeutic development requires a combination of complex laboratory sciences at every stage of development and commercialization. A full ecosystem of drug development expertise matches the regulatory requirements across the continuum, from conducting in vitro pharmacology and in vivo safety assessment and pharmacology testing to bioanalytical services and analytical CMC testing for lot release. Confirm diagnosis, characterize immune response, rule out other pathogens and understand long-term immunity through genomic, immunology, microbiology and vaccine-specific testing working with a team of deeply experienced and collaborative scientists in the purpose-built vaccine lab and the co-located virology, genomics, microbiology, and immunology labs. 

Additional vaccine development support is available from Monogram Biosciences. Monogram is one of the Specialty Group of esoteric labs and a valued research partner committed to providing biopharmaceutical partners and research collaborators with clinical, scientific, and logistical support for critical drug development projects in human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection, hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection, and oncology. Monogram offers an extensive library of viruses with robust resistance characterization data.

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