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Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs)

Realizing the full potential of ADCs requires deep understanding of their nuances. With extensive ADC experience and a global footprint, we provide crucial support from discovery through post-commercialization.
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What is an antibody-drug conjugate?

An antibody-drug conjugate is a therapy designed to target specific cells in the body. It consists of a momclonal antibody connected to a cytotoxic agent via a chemical linker. This method enables precise targeting of diseased cells while sparing normal tissues to maximize a treatment's effectiveness against disease while minimizing adverse side effects. 

Our deep and evolving ADC experience


Supported 13 of the 15 approved ADCs currently on the market


Supporting 16 of the 21 mid- to late-stage clinical trial ADCs currently in development


with multiple generations of payloads, including DNA-damaging agents, tubulin binders and topoisomerase 1 inhibitors, as well as newer payload mechanisms of action

Advancing ADCs through every stage of drug development 

Your ADC journey begins with a vision—one where your drug candidate makes a profound impact on the lives of oncology patients. However, the path to developing these treatments is often characterized with challenges that hinder progress and delay breakthroughs.

ADCs face unique considerations, including toxicokinetics, pharmacokinetics, efficacy, patient stratification and more. At Labcorp, we understand the complexities involved in developing ADCs given their highly nuanced chemistry. Our extensive experience delivering answers for ADC developers makes us an ideal partner in helping you bring these treatments to market, no matter where you are in the development pipeline. 

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Empower your ADC therapy from Day 1 post-approval

Reach your critical milestones faster with Labcorp. We can help accelerate your ADC therapy development, stratifying target patient populations and enhancing patient care as soon as Day 1 post-approval. With our global laboratory services and resources, we offer the support needed to overcome obstacles so you can make informed decisions for your ADC program regarding:

  • Toxicity

  • Immunogenicity

  • Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

  • Payload potency and efficacy

  • Off-target effects

  • ADC characterization and stability

  • Specialized oncology biomarkers

  • Companion Diagnostics (CDx) development

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Get comprehensive support for your ADC, from Discovery Through Post-Commercialization

Delivering global ADC development solutions

ADCs continue to be a widely used modality of interest for the pharmaceutical industry due to their ability to deliver cytotoxic payloads to solid tumors and blood-based malignancies that induce cell apoptosis for oncology patients. While payload types continue to evolve, ADCs remain challenging given their highly complex and nuanced chemistry. For ADC to be successful,  the right combination of target-antigen, active linker payload, appropriate DAR, proper tumor indication and payload conjugation site need to be considered

Navigating complexities in ADC development requires specialized global laboratory support and scientific expertise.

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Harnessing precision in cancer therapy

ADCs have the potential to bring better outcomes for oncology patients. A global partner like Labcorp can offer guidance from the discovery through the post-commercialization to help bring your therapeutic through the drug development journey.

Advance your ADC therapy today with a team that has supported 87%  of all approved, on-market ADC therapies and currently supporting 76% of ADCs in advanced clinical trial stages. 

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