The July 2021 edition of the Labcorp Drug Development Decentralized Clinical Trials blog

23 July 2021

In our previous edition of the blog, we highlighted our upcoming presence at DIA. Our focus at the show this year was patient diversity, patient equity, and patient engagement. The recordings from the show are now available, so this month we will point you toward those in case you missed them during the week DIA was live. We also have had requests for short videos describing our Labcorp DCT solutions, so we are happy to announce that we’ve release two videos that document the Patient Journey and the Sponsor Journey.

All of these recordings are available from the Labcorp Drug Development Knowledge Library and DCT Education Center.

Tales from the Front: Patient Equity and Engagement in Practice from Trial Design Through Execution

Delivering patient equity by making trials more accessible to wider demographics around the world is becoming the critical next step in trial design. We use case studies and stories from our clients to focus on how clinical trial models are evolving to deliver “the right patients” and keep them engaged during the trial. Our panel of speakers covered patient recruitment, trial design, innovations in patient-centric testing and post-approval access to new therapies. View now.

ICYMI: Game On! How Gamification Drives Engagement in Pediatric and Adolescent Clinical Trials

Join us as we discuss how decentralized clinical trial (DCT) or hybrid models can offer new tools such as the use of gamification for patient recruitment and retention. This session provides insight into how incorporating gamification elements in these trials can increase accessibility of the trial to the target population, reduce training effort and increase the real-time access to data by investigators and sponsors, all while providing an in-home, patient-centric experience for the patients. The net result can be faster conversion from recruitment to enrolled patients, fewer dropouts during the trial due to higher retention from the engaging platform and ultimately an improved data set due to higher protocol compliance. View now.

Diversifying Clinical Trial Populations from the Ground Up: Best Practices and Observations to Ensure Your Trial Includes a Representative Population of Participants

Join us to examine the ways in which digitization of clinical trials could, inadvertently, compromise diversity and patient access. Using real-world examples, the speakers provide context to the challenges faced when designing trials, and how data and better patient and disease understanding are being built into creating successful trials by observing patient centricity. View now.

Decentralized Clinical Trials Sponsor Journey Video

The DCT model puts the focus on reducing patient burden. But what about sponsors? New trial modalities can make it difficult for sponsors to design, implement, and execute trials with new technologies. This video walks through the sponsor journey, showing how Labcorp DCTs take the guesswork out of trial design and execution, making it easier for sponsors to incorporate them into their trial designs. View now.

Decentralized Clinical Trials Patient Journey Video

In the end, the DCT approach is about incorporating patient-centric elements to make clinical trials more engaging, more accessible, and easier to fit into the patient’s daily life. This video shows how the challenges of the traditional trial model are addressed through a seamless, integrative approach. Read now.

That’s all for this month’s blog! Join us here next month for the latest from Labcorp DCTs and a sneak peak of our September webinar with tips on how to make your trial more competitive by using Mobile Clinical Services.