As a kid, Fraser loved going to air shows with his father. This paved a direct line for his career aspirations, and he attended flight school at Elon Aviation in Burlington, North Carolina. While he never thought his career would take off in a way that landed him at Labcorp, he is glad it did.

Now, Fraser appreciates the fresh challenges each day brings. He gets to apply his aviation knowledge every day, and he also utilizes the leadership and mechanical skills he learned as an aviation instructor in Burlington. 

“The thing I look forward to the most every day is that I have a mission to complete—helping patients,” Fraser says. His primary task is to transport specimens, and he knows that each sample he moves brings a patient closer to a solution.

Fraser received a complete aviation education at his flight school, which also included flight instructor training. He easily transferred his leadership skills to his job at Labcorp.

“When I was at the aviation academy, I also worked with other businesses at the Burlington Airport and met new colleagues who encouraged me to look for opportunities at Labcorp,” Fraser explains.

This worked out for Fraser because he wanted more leadership opportunities. To Fraser, leadership is “having a vision, a strategy and the ability to inspire others. It’s also the ability to own everything in your world—to take ownership.” Fraser knows he has to guide colleagues and employees just like he has to guide fellow pilots through adverse conditions.

The transportation of vital specimens and the logistics required to do so take a lot of planning and strategy. Fraser has begun to appreciate and enjoy the larger logistics chain within Labcorp. While he loves being a pilot and doesn’t want to stop anytime soon, he says the logistics side of the enterprise increasingly interests him. 

“Labcorp being in my backyard has always been a great fit for me,” Fraser says. 

We’re happy Fraser flies with us and helps deliver results with urgency every day.

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