Lifestyle changes are what we strive for as a wellness provider. Our mission is to improve health and improve lives—and that means sustainable behavior changes that improve all aspects of an employee’s life.

With 1 in 5 adults putting off their healthcare during the pandemic, these sustainable changes are even more important today.From encouraging employees to be more active to teaching healthier snacking, promoting healthy habits is key to improving your employees' well-being.

We have always emphasized all the reasons why biometric screenings and health education go hand in hand, and we pride ourselves on delivering both services at the highest level.

How do we handle health education at Labcorp—and what does that mean for you and your employees?

All of our clinicians are healthcare professionals with additional certifications in nutrition, diabetes, exercise, stress reduction and other key health and wellness topics. They spend 10-15 minutes in confidential, one-on-one sessions with participants directly following their screening appointment to go over their results. This is a perfect time for participants to ask questions about their numbers and learn about some next steps they could take to maintain or improve their health status.

Consistent, high-satisfaction events

We care about making sure that participants have the best experience possible when it comes to biometric screening events. These events should not only empower employees with important information, but also feel like a benefit. In 2021, 98.5% of health coaching participants reported positive satisfaction with their coaching session.

One of the things we value is being able to deliver a high-quality, consistent experience for diverse employee populations, who often have a wide variety of roles in the company and are spread out across many different offices or worksites. That’s why we also offer WELLReview, an option for clients with venipuncture screenings and for employees taking advantage of off-site or at-home options.

“My coach was pleasant and listened intently as I answered her questions. She was eager to offer suggestions that would help to address numerous job stresses, since returning to work following the pandemic.”

-Health coaching participant

What’s next?

Want to add health education to your biometric screening events? Talk to your Labcorp client success representative today!

If you’re looking to start a biometric screenings program or switch from your current vendor, fill out our form. We’re also happy to discuss how our health coaching program can provide ongoing support for employees and other ways we can customize your programming.


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