Gregory Clark Janis

R&D Technical Director; Director of Mass Spectrometry, Labcorp

Mr Janis earned undergraduate degrees in biochemistry and chemistry at Virginia Tech and an MS in toxicology at University of North Carolina. He has 2 decades of experience developing techniques for the analysis of pharmaceuticals and drugs of abuse. Current interests include high-throughput mass spectrometry screening techniques, as well as the identification and analysis of new and emerging drugs of abuse. He is a member of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry and the Society for Forensic Toxicologists.


  1. Reduced urinary opioid levels from pain management patients associated with marijuana use
  2. Halfway to hydrolysis; characterizing and surviving variability in the enzymatic hydrolysis of phase II conjugates
  3. Anodyne by design, detecting designer opioids in pain management
  4. A problem of too many pills and the arcane world of dihydrocodeine
  5. Unrolling the challenges of CBD in the drug testing laboratory