Flexible screening options can accommodate every employee

20 October 2022

More than one third of adults in the U.S. have metabolic syndrome, a group of risk factors that can lead to diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Chances are, many of your employees have it and don’t know. Compounding this risk, one in five adults put off their healthcare during the pandemic. Biometric screenings are a great way to reach these individuals before their conditions become costly.

When looking for employee screening services, it’s important to look for flexible options to make sure that as many employees as possible can easily access the services and have the chance to participate. To promote high engagement rates, services should be designed to meet the demands of today’s hybrid workforce.

Flexible screening options to accommodate your hybrid workforce

Labcorp offers seamless on-site biometric screenings to help make it easy for on-site employees to participate; our team has particular experience with large clients who have many locations. And our off-site options mean that remote employees, spouses, and other eligible participants who would benefit from other accommodations can still take advantage. Plus, our portal allows all participants to have a consistent experience, no matter which option they choose.

Want to learn more about our off-site options? Download our flyer to learn about our full range of off-site screening options.

Health education is the first step toward prevention

While biometric screenings are a core component of most wellness programs and provide employees a snapshot of their health, pairing them with health education offers the perfect teachable moment—helping employees understand what their results mean and actions they can take. Imagine learning for the first time that your blood sugar is elevated. It happens every day at our screenings. Do you need to see a doctor right away? Does this mean you have diabetes? What do you do next? At a moment like this, it’s so important to have an expert available to answer questions and alleviate fears.

And health education is not just for on-site biometric screenings. In today’s environment, we realize the importance of flexible options—that’s why we created WellReview, a convenient telephonic health education session for employees who are unable to attend the on-site event.

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