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Discover expanded bioanalysis solutions. Our bioanalytical experts from nonclinical and clinical will help you anticipate regulatory challenges and offer strategic solutions to guide and enable you to make informed decisions faster.

Quality data. Better decisions. Less time.

As you advance your molecule through the drug development continuum, you’ll need quality data to make well-informed decisions. As your partner, we work to develop the most efficient and accurate methods, removing barriers and speeding your development timeline. And, given the time pressures we all face, our high-throughput and globally transferable methods enable you to make decisions faster.

7 global sites supporting bioanalytical programs from preclinical and clinical
900+ methods developed and 1.2M samples analyzed annually across LC-MS and immunoanalytical platforms
790+ dedicated laboratory staff members to support your small and large molecule programs

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Dedicated bioanalytical services scientists armed with the latest technology

Your drug development programs need regulatory approval to move on to the next milestone. Our scientists aren’t just familiar with the regulatory process; they are active contributors to key regulatory discussions. With leadership roles in the Global Bioanalytical Consortium, our scientists participate to help shape today’s changing regulatory environment. We have the regulatory expertise you need and will help you ask the right questions to keep your program on track. Specific knowledge of the latest bioanalytical platforms such as AB Sciex, Waters®, Hamilton Star®, Watson Plus™, Gyros™, BioPlex®, MSD and ELISA help inform your molecule’s development as we partner with you to generate high-quality results. Learn more about our bioanalytical scientists.

 Learn more about our extensive bioanalysis capabilities, capacity, compliance and communication to quickly deliver quality data to move your program forward. 

Central Laboratory Services integration for enhanced insights

Providing you with key insights more quickly enables you to make informed decisions faster. When you integrate our bioanalysis services with our market-leading Central Laboratory Services, you’ll increase data delivery speed by up to 50%, reduce sample demographic discrepancies and eliminate lab-to-lab shipment fees.

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