Closing laboratory information gaps to increase point of care clinical insights

26 June 2023


Lab values are estimated to fuel 70% of clinical decisions, but accessing patient lab results residing outside an organization’s EHR presents an administrative challenge and burden for clinicians. This presentation explores how a single view of patient lab values, consolidating data from both the EHR and a national unified and standardized lab database at the point of care, can reduce the information gap, helping clinicians more effectively and efficiently manage patients and close care gaps. 

Watch this session with John Norkett, vice president of payor solutions at Labcorp to: 

  • Understand an option for consolidating disparate lab data into a single patient view on an EHR, reducing the administrative burden 
  • Understand critical requirements for making this data consolidation useful to the clinician 
  • Have practical examples of how real-time and expanded POC patient laboratory data helps clinicians more effectively close gaps in care and manage their patients 


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