Caitlyn Fritsche

Global Manager, Flow Cytometry Data Analysis

Caitlyn Fritsche is a global manager who oversees the flow cytometry data analysis unit for Labcorp Central Laboratory Services. Caitlyn has 18 years of experience with Labcorp. In her current role, she supports the flow cytometry team by providing scientific leadership, technical guidance and troubleshooting. Since taking on her role as global manager, Caitlyn has successfully driven process optimization within her organization. She works closely with many Labcorp team members to ensure the timely delivery of accurate and consistent results from the lab to our clients.

Prior to her position as global manager, Caitlyn held several different roles at the Labcorp clinical trials laboratory that was previously located in Cranford, New Jersey. Caitlyn played an important role in the integration between Covance and Labcorp. Caitlyn received her BS in biology from The George Washington University.