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Labcorp Message (as of July 21, 4:00 p.m. ET)

  • All Labcorp core systems impacted by the CrowdStrike issues are currently back online.
  • Some of our patient service centers and in-office labs may be experiencing technical issues with retrieving orders.
  • We are working hard to resolve this issue.
  • If you have a copy of your order, this will help expedite the process.
  • We appreciate your patience as we work to restore business operations.

Why choose Labcorp for nonclinical development

Decades of experience, deep scientific capabilities and a global laboratory network ready to support your nonclinical development goals.

Comprehensive portfolio

With a comprehensive portfolio of nonclinical study solutions, laboratory sites around the globe and a team of specialists in nonclinical development, you can confidently advance your development efforts—whether you require an individual study, IND/CTA-enabling package or full development program. For more than 50 years, Labcorp has helped thousands of companies successfully pursue nonclinical development programs in the pharmaceutical, medical devicecrop protection and industrial chemical markets.

Cutting-edge scientific capabilities

When you need scientific capabilities in toxicology, pharmacology and metabolism services, we’re here to propel your drug development program forward. Gain experienced scientific insights to accelerate all phases of development, advancing your mission of developing breakthrough medicines in any modality or therapeutic area. Drug development can be complex—you don’t have to go it alone. Our team can provide specialized support including scientific advice, risk assessments, program management and regulatory guidance. 

Global network

With 20 nonclinical testing sites around the globe and a commitment to continuous investments in scientific innovation and operations, we offer specialized science, advanced technology and scientific teams to support you when you're ready to place your next study. Our sites are built-for-purpose, providing Animal Biosafety Level 2 rooms, clean rooms and environmental monitoring to enhance safety.

Compassionate animal welfare – CARE

Your study is backed by our commitment to providing respectful and humane care in animal research in accordance with applicable regulations. We approach our work with animals with a commitment to treating them with care, compassion and respect. Adhering to stringent ethical standards is not just a scientific imperative for us—it is a moral obligation. In addition, we foster a culture united in a strong commitment to our Clients, Animals, Research and Employees (CARE), rooted in the 3Rs—replace, reduce and refine. Better animal welfare makes a difference in your study data.

An example of our commitment to innovation in animal welfare is our newly implemented proprietary AI monitoring system. It’s Labcorp’s smart animal welfare system that’s delivering better care through predictive machine learning to keep your study on track through continuous monitoring and earlier care indications for many of our large model studies around the world.

Labcorp's Culture of CARE: Clients, Animals, Research, Employees

Advancement and innovation through exceptional science 

Labcorp’s approximately 5,000 nonclinical specialists are ready to help, having experience in small molecule, biologics, and cell and gene therapy to advance your asset in the therapeutic area you are exploring. Through industry involvement in organizations such as SOT, ACT, SPS, ISSX and BIO, we contribute to and stay current on the regulations, trends and emerging science. With our experience, you can be assured of meeting global, industry and regulatory requirements.

~5,000 nonclinical specialists
165+ PhDs
500+ certifications
10,000+ studies conducted each year

Trusted nonclinical insights and digital innovations

SEND format

Your nonclinical study data is compliantly delivered to secure FDA (eCTD) submission requirements with SEND, the Standard for the Exchange of Nonclinical Data. As a leader in the development of SEND, we have delivered more than 500 billion SEND data points between 2016 and 2023 and continue to advance digitally enabled insights with data visualization, trending analysis and historical control comparisons.

Digital pathology

Your glass slides can be converted into digital images enabling a new level of peer review, analysis and archiving. With 13 globally networked sites, more than 20 of the latest in high-volume scanning machines and more than 125 anatomic pathology specialists for connected peer review, we’re enabling global peer review, expedited reporting and new levels of data insight.


Our customers state that our study reports are complete, compliant and reliable. We provide an industry-leading report that documents your study data and includes interpreted insights to help you quickly make go/no-go decisions. We take pride in delivering reports for more than 10,000 studies initiated every year.

"Labcorp is a dependable and reliable source for complicated studies with dedicated and extremely competent study direction"

– Project leader from a global pharmaceutical company

Future vision for nonclinical research

Based on your evolving needs, we continue to invest in global capacity, process efficiency, scientific technology, leading scientists and specialists, and digital AI advances. As you explore new modalities and therapies, we are advancing in areas such as cell- and gene-level study technologies, new approach methods (NAMs), in silico and ex silico/organ-on-a-chip technologies, and AI to monitor in vivo studies for the highest level of animal welfare.

Wherever you aspire to go, our vision is to take you there!

Our legacy—a rich history of innovation, expansion and acquisitions

For more than five decades, our scientific capabilities and nonclinical experience have been expanded, elevated, transformed and refined—all in keeping pace with the advances of the industry and the demands of our clients. This promise is the foundation of our global reputation for deep science and innovation today.


Launched proprietary software platform for study design, which streamlines the study design process across study teams, delivering speed, transparency and a harmonized global customer experience.


Expanded capacity and technology for cell and gene therapy development in Madison, WI. Launched digital pathology services, enabling global peer review by connecting 14 sites, more than 20 scanners and more than 125 anatomic pathologists.


Acquired Toxikon, extending portfolio of preclinical medical device testing. Crop protection and chemical capabilities were launched in the U.S. at our site in Greenfield, IN.


Expanded the Shanghai site capacity with advanced study capabilities, including EU housing, and new immunology and immunotoxicology (I&I) cell culture laboratories.


Acquired MI Bioresearch, adding discovery oncology solutions to the portfolio. Envigo Contract Research Services integration expanded Labcorp’s EU footprint, adding developmental services for crop protection and chemical clients.


Acquired PMI in San Carlos, CA, diversifying portfolio with preclinical medical device services.


Labcorp acquired Covance. The combination of Covance’s drug development leadership and Labcorp’s extensive diagnostic capabilities created the market leader in healthcare laboratory services.


Covance was formed through a rich tapestry of capabilities and unique acquisitions over 70 years, including the 1925 formation of the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Hazleton Laboratories and Corning.

Decades of experience, deep scientific knowledge and a global laboratory network to support your nonclinical development goals.