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Asset acquisition & exit

Finding the right licensing partner or asset starts with making connections. From increasing asset visibility to finding potential breakthrough therapies for patients, we are your source for starting strategic conversations.

Find and forge the right connections with MarketPlace

As an exclusive digital partnering platform, MarketPlace facilitates secure connections between Asset Providers seeking licensing partners and Asset Seekers—pharmaceutical companies, medtech, biotechs and investors—looking to enhance their portfolios.

MarketPlace showcases innovative drugs, medical devices, diagnostic technologies and products to potential partners. Let us help you reach your partnering goals faster by accelerating strategic conversations and maximizing the value of each asset and connection.

Connect right from the start

MarketPlace enables our exclusive network of Asset Seekers and Asset Providers to make real-time connections—a match made in science.


Asset Providers

  • Stand out from the crowd. Increase asset visibility during any phase of development.
  • Accelerate strategic conversations. Customize asset entries to showcase your innovative science.
  • Expand your reach. Leverage your high-quality data from Labcorp studies and access our extensive network.

Asset Seekers

  • Complement your deal flow. Access assets aligned to your desired attributes, such as development stage, intended outcome, modality, therapeutic area and mechanism of action.
  • Fast-track strategic discussions. Easily track assets of interest and make connections with the click of a button.
  • Connect with confidence. Access assets developed in collaboration with Labcorp and backed by our high-quality, regulatory compliant data.

What MarketPlace can do for you

  • Expand your network by quickly increasing your exposure and accessibility to assets and partners who are actively forming partnerships.
  • Save time by connecting with a trusted network of Asset Providers and Asset Seekers.
  • Enable better decisions, faster, with direct communication with interested parties.
  • Maximize the value of your efforts and complement other partnering initiatives.

Gain exclusive access today

Entry into MarketPlace is complimentary for our clients and strategic partners. Find and forge the right connections with MarketPlace.

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