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Where science and technology meet efficiency and compliance.


At the earliest stage of bench research, there are thousands of potential possibilities. This is when you need quick data to make smart go/no-go decisions. With our extensive experience, fast starts and rapid data delivery, you can expeditiously discover the best candidate(s) to move forward.


Establish the safety profile, dose range and side effects of your molecule with a full portfolio of general and specialty toxicology services. Your toxicology study is driven by an experienced toxicology team supporting a full range of models and routes.


Determine the potential therapeutic and side effects of your drug candidate, with specialized pharmacology services for your therapeutic areas. Progress from discovery through IND/CTA with our integrated approach: an optimized way to meet ICH requirements while lowering the safety endpoint risks on your compound.

Metabolism and pharmacokinetics

Comprehensive DMPK/ADME studies and computational modeling prior to clinical studies offer greater insights into pharmacokinetic and drug-drug interactions across every phase. Employ studies earlier to minimize program failures later.

Metabolism and pharmacokinetic services


Advance even your most difficult drug development projects. Find a full offering of preclinical and clinical bioanalysis services, backed by over 40 years of trusted experience, insightful industry leadership and exceptional science.

Bioanalytical services

Regulatory & programmatic

Environmental risk assessment

Meet your regulatory environmental obligations with pharmaceutical environmental risk assessments (ERAs) that predict substance risk of adverse effects of human medicines in the environment. ERAs are part of the requirements for market approval in many geographic regions around the world.  

  • Extensive experience for a wide range of pharmaceutical products
  • In-depth guidance of global regulatory guidelines—including EMA and FMA approaches
  • Support for study design through to post-submission
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Study support services

We support your study with pre-study preparatory services such as dose formulation or surgical support—as well as post-life pathology and SEND data management for reporting outcomes. You’ll find a complete study experience, from planning to final report, enabling you to get the insights you need from your research.

  • Dose formulation for dose selection and range finding analysis for single- and repeat-dose studies
  • Advanced surgical capabilities for special intervention-related routes and study types 
  • Pathology management for your study or as a stand-alone service, including digital pathology
  • SEND data format ensures data is compliant/submission-ready, enabling new visualization
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Program integration for drug development

Save time and gain efficiency with a programmatic approach to drug development. Let us guide you through the long and complex scientific and regulatory process to maximize the value of your asset.

  • Dedicated team of scientific, regulatory and program management advisors 
  • Prospective plan to manage and communicate milestones, risk and budgets to stakeholders 
  • Integrated insights across your program for smarter decision-making 
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Exceptional science worldwide

When you're ready to place your next nonclinical study, locate specialized science and global capacity at one of our 20 lab testing sites.

20 global sites
1,200 study rooms
700+ services in our catalog
10,000+ studies conducted each year

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