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For drug development

Data, technology and applications

Our nonclinical modeling, artificial intelligence capabilities and clinical trial lab data applications revolutionize how you bring products to market.

Harness the power of Labcorp diagnostic data to develop tomorrow’s breakthroughs

Labcorp’s data products help you generate insights and increase efficiencies in clinical drug development.

Comprising more than 5,000 assays, our unique single-source database is one of the largest sources of actual patient lab data in the world. With access to more than 35 billion lab results from more than 150 million patients, we’re well equipped to help you:

  • Improve trial design with data-driven protocol insights
  • Analyze patient funnels based on the unique requirements of your protocol
  • Optimize site location using our patient/site location analysis heat maps
  • Understand the geographic distribution of real-world patient populations living with disease and compare it to your list of investigator sites

Proactively contact proactive trial participants through a Global Trial Source email campaign

Customize an email strategy to boost patient recruitment for site-based or fully virtual clinical trials.

With geotargeting, we’ll help you maximize reach among individuals who meet your protocol’s criteria and have a vested interest in the target disease state to drive greater participation for your trials


Designing AI models to identify unseen opportunities and increase your pipeline efficiency

We can help you design AI models, process and applications to

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