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Why work with us

Our deep well of scientific and operational capabilities provides flexible, comprehensive solutions to your drug development challenges, building upon Labcorp’s extensive experience in routine and specialty testing and laboratory operations combined with the global central laboratory capabilities, logistics and footprint of our drug development services formerly known as Covance.

Our science: The foundation of what we do

For drug developers, providers and patients seeking answers, we turn to science and technology to provide a complete range of laboratory science and clinical trial testing solutions, including:

  • Anatomic pathology and histology (APH), including IHC/FISH
  • Flow cytometry
  • Genomics solutions 
  • Hematology 
  • Immunology
  • Microbiology and virology
  • Special chemistry (including LC-MS/MS)
  • Targeted cell isolation (PBMC and BMMC)  
  • Urinalysis
Labcorp scinetist in a lab with blue and purple lighting

Under-one-roof philosophy

Our scale: One of the world’s largest laboratory services business

Whether you enroll 5 patients or 50,000 patients, we have the scale, staff and organizational agility across three continents to meet your volume and timing needs. 

Labcorp's Central Labs business offers more than 1,200 assays within our laboratory network. When you include Labcorp's specialty diagnostic labs, that assay menu expands to more than 3,000 tests. 

We strive to be your laboratory of choice at all stages of development and commercialization, seamlessly transitioning through each stage.

A dynamic assay menu to meet your evolving needs

Adept at assay validation and transfer to put the right technology at your fingertips; customization is available. 

1,200+ assay menu
460+ assays validated in 2023
365+ strategic and client-specific assays
95+ technology transfer validations

Our execution: Delivering services with technical efficiency and urgency

Our approach

Your trial will feature our skilled project management teams and study leads, delivering "We're ready when you're ready" start-up timelines and streamlined processes to meet your program's requirements and milestones. 

Our teams are committed to providing our customers with a seamless experience from start to finish, including regular status updates, analyses and proposed solutions to address challenges that arise.


To move with speed and deliver essential information to our customers, we employ automated technologies.

From automated hematology and immunology testing to the continuous improvements in digital capabilities like electronic requisitions and electronic query resolution, our focus is on generating globally combinable data of the highest quality—data that meets the rigorous review of an evolving regulatory environment.

Clinical trial portals

Sponsors can access real-time data, sample tracking details, and other critical laboratory reports and documents in the Labcorp sponsor portal.

The investigator portal is the investigator site’s front door to Labcorp with real-time results, eQuery and eRequisition capabilities, shipment management tools and version-controlled study documents. 


Our history: A rich tradition of innovation, expansion and acquisitions

Since 1986, our team has provided biopharma companies and investigator sites the information, experience and solutions to help them make decisions that can lead to better health outcomes. As the world’s leading central laboratory, we are honored to continue serving our customers and supporting breakthrough science in the service of a greater good.


1986 – Corning, Inc., formed Corning Pharmaceutical Services
1993 – Corning incorporated Covance, the first central laboratory of its kind with two locations: Indianapolis, Indiana, and Geneva, Switzerland
1996 – Covance Inc. became an independent, full-service, publicly traded company
2000 – Third central laboratory established in Singapore


2002 – World’s first automated specimen collection kit production facility in Indianapolis, Indiana
2006 – Fourth central laboratory established in Shanghai
2008 – Translational biomarker solutions laboratory established in Greenfield, Indiana
2010 – Fifth central laboratory established in Japan, in partnership with BioMedical Laboratories 


2015 – Laboratory Corporation of America® Holdings acquired Covance
2019 – Acquired MNG Laboratories, a clinical diagnostics organization specializing in neurology testing
2020 – Second kit production facility in Mechelen, Belgium


2021 – Covance rebranded as Labcorp Drug Development
2021 – Acquired OmniSeq, adding comprehensive genome profiling to menu
2022 – Acquired Personal Genome Diagnostics (PGDx), adding liquid biopsy capabilities
2023 – Third kit production facility in Suzhou, China
2023 – Spun off clinical development unit (now known as Fortrea), retaining Early Development and Central Laboratory businesses to support biopharma customers

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