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Clinical trial data management and portals

Log into these data applications to track kits or access real-time data and reporting for clinical trials.

Sponsor and investigator site portals

View all relevant laboratory information at any time to see trends at a site or subject level; download and print multiple documents; view study documents and communications; and enable more timely follow-up with investigators. The portal also allows you to track your study and keep tabs on user access and read/ unread documents.

  • Transparentaccess to near real-time data and actions taken by the team.
  • Efficientability to view relevant laboratory information anytime, anywhere, with on-demand monitoring of compliance, reports, alerts, cancellations, out-of-range results, data revisions, user access and read and unread documents.
  • Effective: keeps a study team on track.


Review lab test results associated with individual specimens and monitor storage or transferal to a third-party referral lab. Use kit expiration information to ensure sites have the kits they need and set reports to run on a predefined schedule.

  • Transparent: tools for tracking progress of specimens and lab test results
  • Efficient: scheduled, customizable reports
  • Consistent: version control of reports to avoid mistakes
  • Collaborative: access for study team to save and share reports