Approximately 1 in 3 employees improve blood pressure through employer-sponsored wellness program

10 October 2023


Serious health risks are on the rise across the U.S. Heart disease and stroke are two leading causes of death for Americans, and high blood pressure increases the risk for both of these diseases.1

Working with a large healthcare organization, we’ve found that the combination of biometric screenings and health coaching is helping employees reduce their risk of heart disease, specifically by improving blood pressure by one risk category level. This could mean improving from an “elevated” level of 125/80 mm Hg to a “normal” level of 110/70 mm Hg.

By the numbers

Nearly half of adults in the U.S. have high blood pressure2

Only about 1 in 4 adults with high blood pressure have their condition under control2

High blood pressure costs the U.S. about $131 billion each year2

Our approach

Our approach to tackling these challenges is simple: raising awareness and driving long-term action. Biometric screenings are important to raising awareness, and they are often the first time in a while that an employee gets access to their up-to-date health information. Then, health coaching gives employees the opportunity to understand their numbers and start taking action to address any health risks. 

Our coaches do not give quick-fix advice; they provide evidence-based guidance that helps employees develop sustainable habits for long-term health. Our health coaches provide the one-on-one support each employee needs to work toward their personalized wellness goals. Labcorp health coaches empower employees to identify challenges, set a vision and achieve goals on an ongoing basis. Each session is designed to encourage employees to commit to a lifelong path of well-being. 

For this client, the combination of coaching and screening drove meaningful improvements in employees’ blood pressure.

Improving blood pressure risk levels

31% of employees who completed a screening and health coaching in 2020 had improved their blood pressure risk level when they screened again in 2022
35% of those who completed a screening and health coaching in 2021 had improved their blood pressure risk level when they screened again in 2022

My health coach gave realistic advice when it came to goals: take smaller steps at a time versus one giant goal to achieve all at once.

Program Participant



Heart disease is still the leading cause of death for men and women in the U.S., and it costs $147 billion in lost productivity every year.3 Half of Americans have at least one key risk factor, but regular screening and early intervention continue to be key strategies for reducing risk.

By prioritizing screenings and health coaching, the client is able to walk the walk on preventive health and truly engage employees regarding their well-being, all while helping to lower long-term healthcare costs4 for the employer and its employees.


I think the program helps to bolster the overall culture here. It is also great that my employer is setting an example as a prominent health organization that wellness is a priority for its employees.

Program Participant
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