Application of decentralized clinical trials on AI-focused dermatology

1 September 2022

Leveraging AI-focused dermatology in decentralized clinical trials

The use of virtual tools and telecommunications skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic as the world adjusted to new ways of working. In the clinical trials sector, this propelled an increasing adaptation to the decentralized clinical trial (DCT) approach to support research and minimize on-site burden on investigators and patients. With remote mobile device applications and smartphone photography widely accessible, new opportunities to streamline efficiencies and create an enhanced overall experience in dermatology clinical studies abound.

In partnership with Tissue Analytics, Labcorp recently conducted an educational webinar to explore the varied benefits of DCT solutions in dermatology research. From mobile apps to artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, this webinar highlights how mobile technology can be harnessed to support common clinical assessments in decentralized dermatology trials. You’ll learn from Martin Knight, senior director of strategy and planning at Labcorp Drug Development, and Nico O’Kuinghttons, vice president of sales, research and analytics at Tissue Analytics, a Net Health company,  as they share their insights in this collaborative presentation.

Finally, while this webinar is focused upon dermatology, it is important to note that how much of the presentation related to DCTs can be applied to any indication. The AI mentioned focuses on dermatology, but it is possible to extrapolate to other therapeutic areas like endocrinology (Type 2 diabetes, diabetic foot ulcers), nephrology (end-stage kidney disease), oncology (skin cancers), immunology and even the aesthetic markets (Botox, plastic surgery). Essentially, any condition that leads to visual skin conditions can be measured and captured by Tissue Analytics’ technology.

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