3 things you didn’t know a patient service center could do

8 May 2023

Labcorp patient service centers (PSCs) are convenient testing hubs located across the country where patients can go to have a blood draw and other specimen collection for both routine and more complex lab work as part of their holistic healthcare. While appointments can be made in just a few seconds online, walk-ins are also welcome. And with more than 2,000 sites nationwide, most PSCs are within close proximity (approximately three miles) to a patient’s home. Staffed with highly trained phlebotomists, most PSCS also offer additional services that you should know.

1. They can conduct annual wellness exams with biometric screenings

Employees needing to get an annual wellness exam to meet health insurance incentives can schedule their test at an eligible PSC. PSCs with biometric screening capabilities will measure height, weight, blood pressure, waist circumference and body mass index (BMI) and will conduct a blood draw during the screening process.

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2. They can perform drug testing

Many employers require workplace drug testing to promote a safe, healthy and happy workforce. These drug screenings can be scheduled and performed at a majority of existing PSCs.

Note: Patients are advised against bringing infants or small children to their drug screening appointment. Infants and children cannot be left unattended at a PSC at any time and Labcorp staff are not allowed to monitor children during the drug screening sample collection process. Failure to adhere to this policy will result in a need to reschedule the drug screening.

3. They can support clinical development

As drug developers increasingly seek ways to embed patient centricity into their clinical studies, several are leveraging the practical solutions available through a PSC. In some trials, a PSC visit may be offered as an alternative site for patient sample collection, significantly cutting down on the time commitment and travel distance necessary for a participant to commit to a study.

In one clinical trial, using a Labcorp PSC as a backup when mobile phlebotomy was not available even helped a contract research organization reach critical study milestones on a tight time frame.

While these three services can be found at a majority of PSCs around the country, other specialized services may also be available (depending on the location). These range from pediatric collection services—testing for children aged 12 and younger—to COVID-19 antibody tests and Helicobacter pylori breath tests.

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