Telemedicine Toolkit for Providers

As you adapt to new ways of practicing medicine during this crisis, Labcorp is here to help meet your needs.The Telemedicine Toolkit provides access to Labcorp virtual healthcare resources - videos, scheduling, literature, and more - in an effective, safe, and virtually-supported manner.

During this unprecedented time, Labcorp wants to reinforce our dedication to serving you and your patients.

Our focus has been on working to make COVID-19 laboratory testing available to patients who should be tested, and on returning test results in a reasonable time frame. Labcorp offers online resources that healthcare providers and your patients can access to assist with telemedicine efforts to continue acute care and chronic condition monitoring.

We want you to know that for Labcorp clients, that process is as simple as one, two, three


Order your patients' tests online

Every day, healthcare professionals rely on Labcorp for timely, accurate lab results to help improve patient care. You can order lab tests from our online menu via your EMR or Labcorp Link®. If you currently use paper test request forms, contact your Labcorp representative to register for Labcorp Link.



Help your patients schedule an appointment quickly and conveniently

Encourage patients to schedule an appointment at one of nearly 2,000 Labcorp patient service centers (PSCs). We have dedicated the first hour of each workday at our PSCs for vulnerable patients. They can also check in virtually, wait safely in their cars, and receive a text or call when they are next in line.



Review results and make them available to your patient digitally

Review the results with your patients virtually. Lab results are sent electronically to you via EMR or Labcorp Link, and are available to your patients via Labcorp PatientTM, which is available for free and can be accessed via desktop or mobile device. A patient must register to use Labcorp Patient.


Virtual Healthcare Resources for Physicians & Your Patients

Labcorp offers a number of services and tools that can be accessed online, either via desktop or mobile device.

Labcorp Test Menu

Labcorp’s Test Menu provides a comprehensive list of frequently requested, specialty, and genetic tests, with an increased emphasis on precision medicine tests to help you provide more personalized care for each patient. Our Test Menu is updated daily with revised test information and new assays including a list of tests that were added or updated within the last 45 days.

Find a test

Find the right test for your needs.

Search our comprehensive test menu which includes both specialty and general laboratory testing services.

Information for Healthcare Providers & Health Plans

COVID-19 Testing

Labcorp is proud of the work that we, along with our industry partners, are doing to quickly mobilize the United States to get back on its feet by bringing access to nationwide testing for COVID-19.

Physicians and other healthcare providers anywhere in the US can order Labcorp’s 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) testing. The testing detects the presence of the underlying virus that causes COVID-19 and is for use with patients who meet current guidance for evaluation of infection with COVID-19. Note: Labcorp does not collect specimens for COVID-19 testing. Patients for whom testing has been ordered should not be sent to a Labcorp location to have a specimen collected.

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