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Video by @rudy_willingham

Video by @rudy_willingham

It's time to  prioritize your health with routine checkups and testing. 

If there’s one thing the past couple of years has shown us–our health means everything. While we have been trying to keep ourselves and loved ones safe, our routine preventative care that monitors our health and catches serious conditions early has been on hold. Not getting this critical care has increased chronic and acute health conditions for people of all ages. Now is the time to take advantage of the all the new ways to stay on top of your health.


We're here to help you Make Way for Better health.

Unfortunately, many people don’t know the routine screenings that will help us live longer and happier. The first step on this journey is to make a commitment to better health for yourself.

A recent survey revealed a trend: people in the U.S. are checking out of routine health care – and are almost completely unaware of the recommended guidelines


adults in the U.S put off their healthcare during the pandemic



of adults experienced negative health consequences from skipping care



of people fully understand routine care they need based on medical guidelines


Join us in taking the steps for your own health and for the health of future generations.

Take the Make Way For Better pledge

Pledge your commitment to taking the steps necessary to improve your health.  Access key information and resources below, such as a personalized routine screening checklist, information on key tests and more.

What’s next?

Schedule your annual checkup with your doctor.

If you don’t have insurance or are looking for health answers on your own, purchase a health test directly from Labcorp OnDemand. These are the same health tests ordered by doctors, available to you. It’s quick and easy to order a test then visit a nearby Labcorp location to get it done. You can always share your results with your doctor.

Comprehensive Wellness Blood Test

You want more from your health screening. We get it—that’s why we offer it.


Comprehensive Wellness Blood Test

Women's Health Blood Test

You take care of everything else—let us help you take care of you.


Women's Health Blood Test

Men's Health Blood Test

Strength, health and vitality. If it’s important to you, so are the measures that help you achieve it.


Men's Health Blood Test

Colorectal Cancer At-Home Test

Need to get screened for colorectal cancer?

Now you can at home

Colorectal Cancer At-Home Test

The way to better health is information

You may not know a lot about healthcare, and that’s understandable…it can be complex. Check out our blog to learn why routine health checkups and tests are important. With our tips and friendly reminders, you’ll be empowered to talk to your doctor about key health tests, make confident decisions, and identify or address any areas of concern early on.

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