When it comes to health answers,

We are your source.

Our brand essence may be evolving, but we remain rooted in science and powered by dedicated people. We deliver timely, trusted information to everyone from providers to drug developers to patients with one goal: helping them all make clear, confident decisions.

“We are uniquely positioned to deliver results that are only possible when best-in-class diagnostics and top-tier drug development exist under one roof.”

Adam Schechter, CEO

We believe in the power of global reach.

With over 70,000 employees worldwide, our mission to improve health and lives spans the globe. Our team typically processes over 3 million patient specimens every week and fifty of the top drugs developed in 2019 were supported by our clinical data.

We believe that people come first.

On the other side of every test and trial is a person—someone who is seeking answers. And that’s why we work day and night to solve the problems that can help them move forward.

Our purpose drives our progress.

Over 2,100

Labcorp team members 
with either a Ph.D or M.D 

The Top 50

drugs of 2019 developed
with our support 

Over 160M

results provided to
patients and their providers

“ Our modern brand identity reflects the role of Labcorp as a trusted source that delivers with urgency and humanity. ”

Amy Summy, CMO

Meet our new logo

Our new brand mark is a visual representation of our role as a trusted source. The innermost circle represents our position as a source, the second layer represents our direct customers, and the third layer represents how we share with the world to advance health for all.

Labcorp logo brand mark

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