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Test Requisitions

Test Requisitions - Reproductive

Molecular Genetics (PDF)

Postnatal (PDF)

Pregnancy/Preconception with informaSeq (PDF)

Prenatal Cytogenetics/FISH/Microarray (PDF)

Hereditary Cancer (PDF)


All test requisitions are PDFs. If necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader.


Informed Consent

The individual informed consents can be found on the back of each test requisition located above (PDF's). 

General Specimen Requirements

  • Label all primary specimen tubes and containers with a minimum of 2 unique patient identifiers (i.e. name, DOB, specimen ID #, medical record #)
  • Close all tubes and canisters tightly
  • Enclose completed paperwork

Shipping Information

Don’t know where to send a specimen? Please call Client Services: Reproductive Genetics - 800-848-4436. 

  • In hot weather, enclose refrigerated (not frozen) gel pack in Styrofoam box
  • In cold weather, run hot water over gel pack for 3-5 minutes and enclose
  • Ship specimens within 24 hours via FedEx, Priority and Saturday delivery



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