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Test Requisitions

Test Requisitions - Reproductive

Molecular Genetics (PDF)

Postnatal (PDF)

Pregnancy/Preconception with informaSeq (PDF)

Prenatal Cytogenetics/FISH/Microarray (PDF)


All test requisitions are PDFs. If necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

General Specimen Requirements

  • Label all primary specimen tubes and containers with a minimum of 2 unique patient identifiers (i.e. name, DOB, specimen ID #, medical record #)
  • Close all tubes and canisters tightly
  • Enclose completed paperwork

Shipping Information

Don’t know where to send a specimen? Please call Client Services: Reproductive Genetics - 800-848-4436. 

  • In hot weather, enclose refrigerated (not frozen) gel pack in Styrofoam box
  • In cold weather, run hot water over gel pack for 3-5 minutes and enclose
  • Ship specimens within 24 hours via FedEx, Priority and Saturday delivery



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