Home Health Care
Home Health Care

LabCorp’s Home Health Care division includes the provision of health care services to patients who are homebound and need skilled nursing care and/or therapy.  This segment also encompasses the provision of laboratory collections in unique logistic models, such as worksite collections, hospice clients, wellness support in occupational therapy, and managed care-driven programs.  A key feature of home health care service delivery is that specimen collections take place in locations where centrifugation and phlebotomy services are not available, creating a unique situation for laboratory logistics.

LabCorp’s Home Health Care division offers solutions that enable home health care providers to conveniently collect and ship patient specimens to LabCorp for testing.

  • The Lab-in-a-Box® system combines the use of stabilized, anticoagulated blood specimens with a unique specimen transport box, all designed to simplify specimen handling while maintaining preanalytical specimen integrity.
  • Lab-in-an-Envelope® is a cost-effective alternative for specimen collection when on-site phlebotomy is not an option.

LabCorp understands the challenges of collecting specimens in nonclinical environments and has validated the stability and methodology of using plasma tubes in Lab-in-a-Box and a dried blood spot collection card in Lab-in-an-Envelope to make field collections of laboratory specimens possible.