Employer Services
Employer Services

Building and maintaining a healthy, productive workforce means a healthier bottom line. 

For this reason LabCorp offers customizable pre- and post-hire employee screening programs that assist in optimizing workforce productivity. Our services include drug-free workplace testing and employee wellness programs.

Why Drug Test?

Alcohol and drug abuse cost the American economy an estimated $276 billion per year in lost productivity, health care expenditures, crime, motor vehicle crashes, and other conditions.1 Select the "Why Drug Test" option from the menu for additional information including how to calculate return on investment (ROI).

LabCorp offers

Numerous Testing Options

Providing consistently good service is our primary focus. We are committed to research and leading-edge technology that enable us to provide your organization with an innovative test portfolio reflecting societal trends, including oxycodone, ecstasy, and medical professionals panels.

National Customer Care Center

To meet all of a customer’s service needs in one location, we maintain a centralized National Customer Care Center available through one toll-free number (800-833-3984) or click here. Our skilled support staff is dedicated to first-contact resolution.

Online Supply Ordering

Our online supply ordering process is easy. Click here to complete the online supply order form.

Toxicology Technical Assistance Line

For inquires of a toxicology technical nature, LabCorp offers a direct toll-free telephone line, the ToxLine. The ToxLine is available for LabCorp customers and their MROs to obtain technical toxicology information. A "live" representative mans the line during regular business hours. 

Innovative Information Technology Solutions

LabCorp offers innovative information technology solutions to meet specific program management needs. Our multiple connectivity options provide customers with secure access to data.

Web-based Solutions include

  • Specimen status
  • Result reports
  • Donor registration
  • Chain-of-custody
  • Chain-of-custody image viewing

Additional Connectivity options

  • Electronic data interchange
  • Automatic faxing of results

National Specimen Collection Network

For customer convenience, LabCorp offers drug screen collections at many of our more than 1600 specimen collection labs located throughout the US. When additional coverage is needed, our Collection Network coordinates services through in-network third-party facilities. Network services include urine drug screen, rapid tests for drugs and alcohol, hair drug screen, oral fluid drug screen, and on-site and mobile collections.

National Specimen Transportation Network

Specimens are generally routed to the closest appropriately certified laboratory. For timely results, LabCorp can arrange for direct specimen pick-up from most geographic areas through our national, company-owned courier network.

Rapid Tests for Drugs of Abuse and Alcohol

When one day is too long to wait for drug test results, LabCorp offers an on-site Rapid Test program available in many of our specimen collection labs nationwide. Laboratory-based GC/MS confirmation is available for non-negative urine screens.

Employee Wellness Programs

Our Employee Wellness programs offer employers on-site workplace events that may include a blood collection for a comprehensive health panel, blood pressure measurements, pre-employment drug testing, industrial allergens testing, and employee wellness education. Additional diagnostic and preventive tests are available for members of an employee population. Employee health management data enables employers to target health risk counseling and workforce wellness programs effectively.

Contact us today to begin or enhance your employee screening program.


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