HIPAA Contacts
HIPAA Contacts

LabCorp works diligently to provide exceptional, quality service to all of its clients and is committed to implementing the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). The following information is provided to assist clients in contacting the appropriate LabCorp office with questions regarding HIPAA.

General HIPAA inquiries:

Privacy and Security - privacyofficer@labcorp.com or call (877)234-4722 / 877-23-HIPAA

Transactions and Code Sets - tcs@labcorp.com

National Provider Identifier (NPI) - npi@labcorp.com

Questions regarding specific HIPAA transactions and/or Code Sets standards should be addressed to the following:

Claims (837 Professional) 837claims@labcorp.com
Remittance (835) testing 835remittance@labcorp.com
Encounters (837 Professional) 837encounters@labcorp.com
Eligibility (270/271) 270-271eligibility@labcorp.com
Claims Status (276/277) 276-277claimstatus@labcorp.com

Other HIPAA inquiries:

Trading Partner Agreement inquiry tpa@labcorp.com
EDI Communications (B2B) X12 Data Transfer misecdt@labcorp.com
X12 Data Mapping misecdm@labcorp.com