My Testing Options
Visit the My Testing Options Web sites to learn about testing information you can use to talk to your doctor:

Health Videos
LabCorp offers a broad menu of lab tests to help your doctor monitor your health. Our video library and patient information brochures can help you learn about what happens to your specimen once it arrives at one of our labs and provide additional information about certain health screening tests.

Scientific Staff
See the faces behind the microscopes! Here we provide information about the people who perform laboratory tests and develop new tests and testing technologies to help manage your health.

Health Library
Your doctor relies on laboratory tests to provide important information about your health status, your risk for certain diseases or conditions, and how best to treat and monitor any health problems you might have. You can use the Health Library, powered by Lab Tests Online®, to look up information about specific laboratory tests so you can better understand how test results impact the decisions you and your doctor will make about your health.


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