LabCorp Beacon: Patient
LabCorp Beacon: Patient

LabCorp Beacon®: Patient is a safe, secure Web site that allows you to view, download, share, and print your LabCorp lab test results.

The site also offers the following features:

  • Make an appointment for specimen collection
  • Pay your bill online easily and securely
  • Receive lab test results as easily as checking e-mail
  • Share your lab test results securely and privately
  • Learn about specific lab tests
  • Get account notifications automatically
  • Manage health information for the entire family

To receive your lab test results, you must first visit the LabCorp Beacon: Patient Web site and register as a member. Registration is free and easy to do. LabCorp Beacon: Patient is available to US residents only. To register, you must have a valid Social Security number. Lab test results are released to your ordering physician before they are released to LabCorp Beacon: Patient. LabCorp connects with Microsoft® HealthVault™ for secure, online storage of your health information.

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