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Registered User Login
Registered LabCorp Corporate Solutions users can click the login link above to access LabCorp Corporate Solutions Web Tools.


How to Register
To obtain user access to the LabCorp Corporate Solutions web-based applications, complete the appropriate registration form(s) linked below. An authorized company representative’s signature is required to obtain or amend LabCorp Solutions user access.

LabCorp Corporate Solutions Collector Registration Form

Please note that successful completion of LabCorp Corporate Solutions collector training is required prior to submitting a collector user registration form. See the User Training section  below for information about how to register for training.

LabCorp Corporate Solutions User Registration Form

For employer, service provider or medical review officer user access.

Send completed registration forms to LabCorp Occupational Testing Services, Customer Care by faxing (919) 481-5444 or emailing RegisterLCS@labcorp.com.


User Training
Please note the following requirements for access to LabCorp Corporate Solutions collector training: submission of documentation (to LabCorp) of completion of certified collector training in accordance with 49 CFR Part 40 and a valid LabCorp collection site ID.

Collector Training Registration

Please note that a valid LabCorp occupational testing account or contract number is required for employer user access.

Employer Training Registration


Technical Assistance

For assistance with logging into LabCorp Corporate Solutions, contact Technical Support at 800-833-3984, extension 5380.