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Integrated Oncology Highlights

VistaSeqSM Hereditary Cancer Panel - an assessment of genetic mutations within a panel of 27 genes known to be associated with hereditary cancer syndromes.  Learn more about VistaSeq.

BRCAssure® BRCA 1 and 2 Analysis. Learn more about BRCAssure.  

ProsignaTM Breast Cancer Prognostic Gene Signature Assay, which is based on the PAM50 gene signature, is an FDA 510(k) cleared assay to assess a patient’s risk of distant recurrence of disease.   Learn more...

IntelliGEN® Oncology Therapeutic Panel (NGS) assay provides an assessment of targetable mutations within a panel of cancer genes known to be involved in the development, progression and/or treatment of cancers.  Learn more…

HistoPlusSM: Lung Cancer Gene Expression Assay in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer. A quantitative real-time PCR assay that can be used to distinguish adenocarcinoma from squamous cell cancer subtypes.  Learn more…