Thank you for choosing LabCorp. The client billing section allows you to securely pay client invoices from LabCorp and its subsidiaries (DIANON Systems, Esoterix, NGI, US LABS, DSI) and submit billing or account change requests along with invoice-related questions.
Pay an Invoice
This feature requires that the user logs in to securely receive, review, and pay your LabCorp invoices on-line. You may pay your bills online via bank account or credit card, set up automatic payments, and view your billing and payment history.
Billing Change Requests
Allows you to request billing changes for specimens on your client invoice to bill Medicare, Medicaid, third party, or directly to your patient.
Account Change Requests
Allows you to submit address or NPI changes for your account.
Invoice Questions
Allows you to request hard copy invoices for your account, as well as submit pricing questions and other billing-related issues to LabCorp.