Our global life sciences company brings diagnostic testing & drug development together.

Helping health systems advance patient care, bend the care cost curve, and ignite growth potential

The mission of Labcorp’s Hospitals and Health Systems group is to improve health and improve lives by delivering high-quality diagnostic insights, bringing innovative medicines to patients faster, and developing technology-enabled solutions to change the way care is provided.

All of our solutions are health system driven by our consultative approach, we seek to understand system challenges and work with you to customize, plan and deliver value solutions that fit your system needs.

We are not just a lab. We are the world’s leading healthcare diagnostics company with unmatched expertise in laboratory science, specialty testing, laboratory operations, drug development, data facilitation, and diagnostic insight services.

In world of rising costs and falling budgets, a relationship with Labcorp can enhance your hospital’s current services, while at the same time establishing your hospital lab as a community-based, low-cost provider.

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Lab Results

Test Information

Labcorp strives to provide its hospital clients with the most up-to-date information for all of their diagnostic testing needs. 



Connectivity Solutions

Labcorp’s connectivity options provide flexibility and range from easy-to-use, web-based applications to sophisticated integration.


Management Reports

Labcorp offers numerous reports to help ensure its hospital clients can offer a high level of quality and service. Clients can log in to their Labcorp account using the links below.

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If you're interested in becoming a Labcorp customer, initiate a new account or request a visit to your office by one of our representatives to discuss our services, get started here.


Data Integration

  • Consolidate, aggregate and normalize disparate systems data into  actionable insights
  • Achieve certification for clinical integration network status
  • Facilitate health system integration with ambulatory physician office laboratories and clinics with LIS solutions
  • Reporting metrics to compliment health system initiatives
  • As lab facilities are standardized, Labcorp can provide innovative clinical tools to engage and align physicians, support management programs, & standardize care, regardless of testing location


  • Reduced front end specimen errors with Labcorp’s AccuDRAW technology
  • Specimen barcode tracking systems for accurate and efficient specimen identification
  • Specimen integrity systems for specimen quality assurance


  • HEDIS quality reporting
  • Customizable and accessible reports
  • Clinical and Anatomic Pathology scorecards
  • Specimen quality summaries, trending, utilization and service reports


  • Standardized testing and quality programs
  • Broad and deep specialty testing menu 
  • 4,500 tests available with the industry’s broadest range of clinical anatomic pathology, genetic and genomic testing services
  • Full-service capabilities in all testing categories and disease states
  • Perform over 99% of testing in-house


  • Chronic Kidney Disease Program to help diagnose and treat CKD early
  • Cardiovascular Risk Assessment – a report that combines lab results with evidence-based parameters to improve management of cardiovascular risk
  • Clinical trial expanded access
  • Mental health screening
  • Home testing

Supply Chain Savings

Leverage assets of the world’s leading diagnostics company:

  • Purchasing power for lower lab costs across the continuum of care
  • More than 1,700 patient service centers
  • Information technologies with vast data integration and information facilitation experience
  • Laboratory infrastructure developed for optimal quality, TAT and efficiency
  • Logistics network

Decision Support

Unified decision support platform

  • Evidence based medicine test ordering
  • Sophisticated tools combine evidence & lab results to suggest follow-up actions and find undiagnosed patients
  • Decision Support at point of order to reduce unnecessary testing
  • Eliminate waste and cost redundancies
  • Identify test utilization patterns for optimal care quality and efficiency
  • Reduce readmissions with diagnostic testing and alerts
  • Avoid high cost of care with analytical insights

Data Facilitation Services

  • Reduce health system IT staff resource requirements 
  • Increase speed of diagnostic insights with integration facilitation
  • Interfacing solutions with more than 700 vendors

Lab Efficiency Leadership

  • Custom built laboratory automation
  • Test Menu Analysis
  • Automated technologies to eliminate human error and lower cost
  • Comprehensive performance metrics and benchmarking

Lab Benefit Management

  • Guideline based content to aid in the selection of appropriate testing services
  • Decision support tools that guide lab and test selection
  • Clinical & administrative rules engine supporting claim adjudication process
  • Integration to test ordering systems

Research & Latest News

We understand the importance of sharing knowledge and research to collectively improve population health on a global scale.