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Labcorp Care Intelligence

Better information can only benefit your health care decisions. Our analytic solution and business intelligence reporting from Labcorp Care Intelligence can improve care delivery both financially and clinically. Information and support services include population health management, data, analytics and clinical decision support. Our analytics solution is an enterprise-level modular reporting tool that couples big data with analytics to provide robust clinical, operational and financial intelligence to measure quality across the continuum of care.


Population Health Analytics that Support Integrated Care and Quality Reporting

The Web-based application aggregates various sources of data, providing actionable business insight to measure and track performance of an organization’s health care services. The analytics solution from Labcorp Care Intelligence is compliant with Meaningful Use requirements, ACO, HEDIS®, and PQRS reporting requirements, and it is customizable to meet the needs of the end user. Pricing will be based on user-specific requests and needs.


Illuminating Perspectives and Services

  • Enables population health management through benchmarking and comparative analytics
  • Provides clinical surveillance that helps identify and track high-risk and high-cost patients, allowing providers to intervene to improve care
  • Provides advanced analytics to define appropriate patient cohorts, treatment pathways, outcomes and associated costs
  • Identifies gaps in care for provider engagement as well as outcome improvement
  • Provides longitudinal data views to gain a more accurate picture of specific patient populations and subpopulations
  • Provides ability to integrate clinical, financial and operational data from various sources
  • Offers tracking options for care management resources
Population Stratification
In vs Out of Network Analysis

See More Clearly

Quality Reporting Measures and Scorecards

  • Measure goals against performance, including industry standard measures: ACO, HEDIS®, MU, PQRS   
  • Financial and operational measures: "cap" rate, fee-for-service, shared savings and network utilization   
  • Custom measures for quality or wellness tracking
  • Disease or at-risk populations
  • Filter options by provider, account or payer
  • Patient cohort tracking and population management
Evidence Based Gaps in Care
Member Count by Region / Practice
Patient Care Plan

Gaps in Care

  • Ability to identify gaps in care at the population, practice and patient level
  • Ability to manage and update gaps in care
  • Export data in multiple formats

Persona-Based Dashboards

  • Drill-down views: population, subpopulation, geography, date range, CPT code, test, utilization, patient demographics
  • Population benchmarking and payment categories
  • Disease-specific filtering, tracking and management based on submitted or billed diagnosis