Partners in Pregnancy™

Supporting Moms

Your Partner From Preconception to Post Delivery

Labcorp is with you and your patient throughout each stage of her pregnancy. As your partner in pregnancy our expertise can help you distinguish your practice by offering your patients convenience and technical benefits that can enhance accessibility and foster trusted relationships.

You trust us with your testing, trust us to help educate your patients.


Supporting Your Patients:

We know that staying healthy as a mom is key to having a healthy baby. Our program is designed to engage and educate your patients on the importance of early and regular prenatal care throughout their pregnancy, and explain the testing performed while they are expecting. To learn more, visit us at

Hydration Is One of the Keys to a Healthy Pregnancy

Engage your patients with our “New Mommy” Hydration Bottle.

  • Engage your patients with our “New Mommy” Hydration Bottle

    This hydration bottle, provided to patients of Partners in Pregnancy participants, is a reminder of the importance of staying hydrated, and inside is a stylized key with a QR code that links to our “Testing While Expecting” web page and other resources. Enroll at

Saving Your Staff Time On the Phone

Labcorp Patient™ portal, patient literature and cost estimator

  • The Labcorp Patient™ portal allows your patients the ability to access their results and take charge of their own and their family’s health care.

    Our patient literature can provide answers to many questions.

    Our cost estimator and expert team provides support for patients with questions about costs, which is particularly important for genetic testing. Learn more at www.integratedgenetics/transparency

Spending More Time With Your Patients

Let our genetic counselors work with your patient so you can focus on her and her baby’s care.

  • We know genetic information and knowledge is changing rapidly. The testing process may be complex and it is important to have a trusted resource. Let our genetic counselors work with your patient so you can focus on her and her baby’s care.

    For more information on our genetic counseling options, please visit us at

Supporting Your Practice:

Choosing one laboratory to help you manage the whole continuum of infertility and pregnancy may help improve patient outcomes, standardize care, and provide metrics to aid in practice efficiency and management.


Improving Patient Outcomes

Point-of-care result access

  • Point-of-care result access

    Labcorp's cross account search feature provides access to a referred patient's test results. Providers can look up laboratory tests ordered by other providers, helping to minimize the time office staff spend requesting copies of reports. Click here to learn more.

Standardized Care

Your Partner from Preconception to Post Delivery

  • Your Partner from Preconception to Post Delivery  

    Labcorp supports all the testing and resources you need throughout the pregnancy continuum. Click here to learn more.

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Get in the Know

Supporting you with the latest Women’s Health News & Insights

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