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Labcorp is enhancing your check-in experience.

Whether you're scheduling an appointment ahead of time or use Labcorp as a walk-in patient, we are making the check-in process at our locations fast and easy with our new self-service Labcorp PreCheck™ and Labcorp Express™ options.

Labcorp PreCheck

Enhanced scheduling done right

Before arriving at Labcorp, you can choose a preferred appointment location, time and date, as well as enter all your patient and insurance information conveniently from your smart phone, tablet, or computer. Visit to start the check-in process.

Labcorp PreCheck offers enhanced features, including:

  • A mobile-friendly platform that patients can easily use on their smart phones and tablets.
  • The ability to enter personal information by taking photos of your driver’s license and insurance card.
  • The choice to receive appointment reminders and confirmations via email or text message.
  • Seamless integration with Labcorp Express for quicker check in when you arrive at your appointment.*

Once you finish the Labcorp PreCheck™ process, your visit is set and your check-in paperwork is complete.

When you arrive, if your Labcorp location is Labcorp Express-enabled and you have completed the PreCheck process, you can scan your driver's license or the QR code you received on your device to let us know you have arrived. That's it. If your lab location is not yet Labcorp Express-enabled, then proceed to the window and let us know you have arrived.  

PreCheck Mobile

Labcorp Express

Walk-in service made easy

If you prefer the flexibility of walking into a Labcorp location for your visit, we are making the process faster.

The first time you visit, you will scan (or manually enter) your driver’s license or state-issued ID card to capture your personal information (name, address, phone, etc), and then provide your insurance information.  Labcorp will offer you an opportunity to elect to receive electronic notifications into your email inbox or phone. Next, tell us the reason for your visit and we will provide you with the next available appointment time. The Labcorp Express station also provides an easy way to make a payment.*
Best of all, the next time you return to Labcorp, we will remember you as a returning patient, saving you time during future check in.

*where available