Partners in Pregnancy Program

One-source laboratory provider from preconception to delivery

LabCorp is with you and your patient through each step of the pregnancy continuum. Advancements in science have brought to obstetric care a new battery of tests — from preconception test options to tests that are available in each trimester. LabCorp is your one-source solution.

LabCorp offers a comprehensive service that makes it easier for both generalists and specialists to order the testing they need for their patients during pregnancy. From the most common of tests, such as complete blood count, human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), and urinalysis, to some of the most cutting-edge tests, including informaSeqSM (NIPT) and Reveal® SNP microarray, LabCorp’s pregnancy test menu is robust. LabCorp is also dedicated to providing educational resources that explain the new tests and applications and their associated guidelines.

LabCorp’s Comprehensive Services for Pregnancy
  • Patient flyers for specific tests
  • Access to LabCorp’s extensive network of patient service centers
  • Connectivity options for electronic test ordering and result delivery
  • Access to a broad managed care network, offering access to in-network benefits when available
  • Genetic counseling

Testing for Infertility

Along with being there for your pregnant patients, LabCorp is there for those patients who are thinking of becoming pregnant and those who may be having difficulty becoming pregnant. Infertility affects approximately 10.9% of women aged 15 to 44,1 and diagnosing the underlying cause is an important first step. LabCorp offers numerous test options to help differentiate the diagnosis of your patients.

Assessing your patient’s level of risk for spontaneous preterm birth (sPTB)

LabCorp is pleased to offer the PreTRM® Test for Risk Management by Sera Prognostics, a first-of-its-kind blood test validated to predict an individual woman’s risk for sPTB.  Today, preterm birth is still the leading cause of infant mortality and morbidity in the US and worldwide.  The PreTRM test is an innovative blood test that provides an accurate risk assessment for preterm birth, allowing for early intervention to help reduce the risk of preterm birth in the current pregnancy. 

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Like you, LabCorp is a committed partner in your patients’ pregnancies.

Laboratory tests and services are an essential component in pregnancy, providing important information to assist you in monitoring the health of your patient and her baby. LabCorp is one of the nation’s leading women’s health laboratories and strives to be a valued partner for you in the physician/patient relationship.

Be a Part of LabCorp's Partners in Pregnancy Program

For additional information on how you can take part in the Partners in Pregnancy Program, contact your local LabCorp Representative