Patient Test Information

Genetic Tests for Targeted Cancer Therapy 4

Common Questions

1. Should everyone with cancer have genetic testing performed?
Testing is only required if a patient has a specific type of cancer for which targeted therapies have been identified as being useful and the healthcare practitioner is considering starting the patient on one of these therapies.

2. Can I receive one of these therapies and still not benefit from it?
Yes, most people whose cancer matches up with the "likely to benefit" criteria will respond, but a percentage will not. Each person and each cancer is different.

3. Can I take a targeted therapy drug without being tested?
In most cases, this is not recommended. The drugs have been developed with specific associations and your cancer is not likely to respond if you do not meet the identified criteria.

4. Can molecular testing be performed in my healthcare provider's office or my local hospital laboratory?
Testing requires specialized equipment and is not offered by every laboratory. In most cases, samples will be sent to a reference laboratory.