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Other References

Some studies authored or co-authored by the developer of the test:

(1982) Bogoch S, Bogoch ES, Fager CA et al. Determination of anti-malignin antibody and malignin in 1,026 cancer patients and controls: relation of antibody to survival. J Med 1982;13:49-69.

(1994) Abrams MB et al. Early detection and monitoring of cancer with the anti-malignin antibody test. Cancer Detect Prev. 1994;18(1):65-78. Available online at through Accessed February 2012.

There are no published studies within the last five years (Pubmed search). Some of the most recent independent studies include:

(2000) Thornthwaite JT. Anti-malignin antibody in serum and other tumor marker determinations in breast cancer. Cancer Lett. 2000 Jan 1;148(1):39-48. Available online at Accessed February 2012.

*(2005) Harman SM et al. Discrimination of Breast Cancer by Anti-malignin Antibody Serum Test in Women Undergoing Biopsy. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev. 2005 Oct;14(10):2310-5. Available online at through Accessed February 2012.

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